Child and Youth Clinical Networks

This evaluation was commissioned by the Paediatric Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) as part of the Ministry of Health contract to deliver the New Zealand Child and Youth Clinical Network (NZCYCN) Programme (the Programme).  Please click here to download the full reportPlease click here to download the summary

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Profile of Clinical Networks for Child & Youth - June 2014

A clinical network is a linked group of professionals and organisations working together in a coordinated manner with clear governance and accountability arrangements. Clinical networks offer a way of linking services to the patient journey along the continuum of care to enable service providers to work in a co-ordinated way through shared understanding.

In 2007 the Paediatric Society of New Zealand began formal discussions with the Ministry of Health to initiate the development of national clinical networks for child and youth health services. These discussions followed a number of meetings with four successive Ministers of Health who all acknowledged the value of MOH and PSNZ working in partnership to progress this work.

The purpose of the three year contract between PSNZ and MOH is:-
'To work in partnership with MOH, health providers and other sectors responsible for the well-being of children and young people to develop a strategic approach to the formation and operation of a child and youth clinical network in New Zealand.'
The contract commenced January 2010 and will expire December 2012.  Discussions are currently being held as to next phase of development.

Achievements to date:
The MOH contract has required PSNZ to:

  • Establish Terms of Reference for the contracted work
  • Appoint an Advisory Group and Chair. Appendix 2 lists Advisory Group members
  • Fulfil an additional request that involved working with the National Health Board to review and recommend vulnerable paediatric services for either national funding or national service level development. This followed MOH's review of the 1998 document, 'Through the Eyes of a Child', which resulted in 'Specialised Health and Disability Services for Children: A High Level Review' MOH 2010.
  • Consult with sector. PSNZ held 5 regional meetings in 2011 at which attendees were invited to provide feedback on what was required to support child and youth health in the future. Feedback from all the meetings was clustered into a range of opportunities that were subsequently translated into 4 major themes. These themes have informed the Advisory Group on the requirements that need to underpin the selection of clinical services for network development.
  • For specialised service network development a systematic approach was developed that sought:
    -  Expressions of Interest for a National Clinical Leader
    - The establishment of Terms of Reference (for the clinical network development)
    - The establishment of a Clinical Reference Group (CRG)
    -  Mutual agreement of defined and achievable objectives, managed through a 12 month workplan that included regular reports to PSNZ and MOH
    -  Communication process with the wider sector that usually included links with PSNZ SIGs.

Utilising the systematic approach noted above the following services are incrementally being developed and steady progress is being made:

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