NZ Telepaediatrics

Mission Statement
"To provide an inexpensive, high quality mechanism for the healthcare community of New Zealand. By connecting key medical facilities, resources and specialists we are intent on delivering a strategically advantageous device to benefit New Zealand." NZTPS Mission Statement

Founded in 2001 as a partnership between Starship Foundation, the Paediatric Society of New Zealand and 10 founding District health Boards, NZTPS or TelePaeds is a non-profit incorporated society. Our aim is to provide a core communication network to ensure equity of access to specialist medical care for all children regardless of where they live.
Our founding vision was the establishment of national infrastructure for the delivery of managed videoconferencing over a reliable network, with accessible and easy to use equipment, enabling the Paediatric “community” to deliver professional education, workforce development and ongoing clinical care.
We initially envisaged 3 phases of growth and development. Phase 1 was the establishment of a national IP based network connecting the founding DHBs to the service. Phase 2 was growing the network capacity and connecting all DHBs to a managed subscription service. Phase 3 was the broadening of our service to other related sectors and the development a “store and forward” capability so teaching and ongoing education could be recorded and retrieved later by individual users.
We are proud to say we have realised our initial vision. All DHBs in NZ are connected to a fast, secure backbone running over the Telecom New Zealand One Office network. All centres in New Zealand that provide specialist secondary and tertiary child health services are now connected to our managed telemedicine service.
We are now the only provider of managed telemedicine services in NZ. Our network now has capacity and is capable of being configured to run multiple parallel telemedicine services. To ensure viability of our Paediatric service we have also extended our services to other sectors, the largest undertaking being the complete redevelopment of the South Island mental health network for the SISSAL consortium. This connected all mental health services and many rural medical centres to a dedicated mental health network in 28 locations in the South Island.
In addition, we are now providing telemedicine for Adult and Paediatric RACP training, ENT surgical training, Genetics services, forensic pathology, palliative care and multiple nursing workshops and study days. We are also advising on specific projects to assist with the delivery of cancer care, palliative care and midwifery education.
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