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NZ Guidelines for the Assessment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Childhood



Sustainable Nationwide Services for Children and Young People  

The Child Health Strategy has as its stated intention "Children seen heard and getting what they need". 

A complex continuum of health and disability support services exists to achieve this goal.  Services are arranged within Public Health, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care services.  To achieve the best outcomes for children and young people the Paediatric Society believes some gaps in the continuum of care need urgent attention.  Appropriate early intervention in childhood can improve well being and health outcomes in adult life.  Failure to provide high standards of health care, personal and preventative, carries with it an enormous cost in mortality, morbidity and dollars.  The attached draft document, which will be presented to the Ministry of Health on 22 November 2006, describes the value of nationwide services and highlights some problems with the continuum of care currently available to New Zealand children and young people.  It suggests a strategic approach to work towards resolving these issues.  It expresses the collective wisdom of over 400 members drawn from all professional groups that offer health care to children and young people.