About the Paediatric Society of New Zealand

Mission Statement

The Paediatric Society of New Zealand believes all children and youth should, by right, attain optimal physical, mental and social health and well being.  By working as a coordinated national network of health professionals the Society dedicates its efforts and resources to this end.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Society are to stimulate interest in and to promote the scientific study of child health and Paediatrics in New Zealand, and to engage in all activities which, in the opinion of the Society, may be necessary from time to time in the interests of child health. The society engages in the following activities to promote the welfare of New Zealand children.

  • Encourage and promote the study and advancement of the science and practice of paediatrics, child health nursing and other professional practices involved with child health
  • Generally to promote the health and welfare of children in New Zealand consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child
  • Advocate for children on all issues related to their health at a local, regional and national level
  • Provide information to the public of New Zealand on all matters that concern the health and welfare of children. 
  • Advance public education and awareness of the science and practice of paediatrics, child health and welfare of children
  • Maintenance of the highest possible level of the scientific and ethical practice in the health care of children in New Zealand 

How does PSNZ work? 

The PSNZ has a multidisciplinary executive supported by an elected president and a national committee structure with paid executive officers. Committees provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to network together regardless of discipline, to develop guidelines, set up training initiatives and respond to issues with child and youth advocacy. A number of special interest groups exist for common interest.            

A national list server allows rapid communication amongst all PSNZ members so issues can be discussed by e-mail to develop national position statements, share expertise and respond collectively to national issues effecting children and youth.

The Society works collaboratively with any other society, government department, or institution insofar as their activities advance the Society's aims.

The Society holds an Annual Scientific Meeting and will hold or sponsor meetings, lectures, seminars, symposia or other conferences from time to time.

All of this work is accomplished through the efforts of our members, who devote thousands of volunteer hours providing their paediatric expertise.

Membership is open to those persons with a current health professional registration working a substantial amount of their time in the field of paediatrics and child health.       

What can the PSNZ offer you? 

  • Most health professionals have a professional body catering for professional needs. The PSNZ neither competes with nor replaces these bodies. 
  • The PSNZ recognises that excellence in child wellness and health requires multidisciplinary input.  No one group can do it alone! 
  • All disciplines can gain strength by working together  to break the barriers between disciplines and geographical regions.
  • As a member, full or associate, you would have full voting rights to elect the president and executive committee members. 
  • The PSNZ can offer opportunities for:
  1. Effective advocacy for children and youth at local and national level 
  2. Professional development
  3. National networking